Sensory Gardens

Sydney Sensory Gardens for Aged Care Facilities

Sensory gardens for dementia patients have been rapidly introduced into numerous healthcare facilities all over the world due to their potential when it comes to improving patients’ quality of life. The healing powers of nature can do wonders for the minds and bodies of dementia patients indeed. Installing a sensory garden within an aged care facility will allow them to awaken all senses and enjoy numerous therapeutic benefits along the way. However, dementia patients require gardens that are designed specifically for them. 

Our team has considerable experience designing both sensory gardens for dementia and individuals with disabilities and we can offer a wide array of services regarding these sorts of projects. 

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Sensory Gardens for Dementia

There’s no denying that designing sensory gardens that are suitable for people suffering from dementia is a challenging task, so we make sure to come up with the best possible solutions by considering all important aspects, such as proper sensory stimulation, accessibility, careful hardscaping, and plant selection. This results in gardens that encourage patients to engage all five senses, both passively and actively.

Also, we make sure to adhere to the following principles:

  • Sustainability – the design of all our gardens is highly sustainable and we offer regular maintenance service to all our clients.
  • Orientation – we are making sure to reduce the risk for disorientation, by making navigating through the gardens suitable for dementia patients.
  • Accessibility – We want our sensory gardens to be easily accessible to everyone, including patients with special needs and other physical impairments.
  • Socialisation – users can casually socialise with other patients, family members, and friends in a beautiful and calm environment.
  • Meaningful activity – our gardens are designed in a way to offer opportunities for numerous useful activities
  • Potential to reminiscence – we choose garden styles and plants that are reminiscent of the patient’s past.
  • Proper sensory stimulation – making sure that patients don’t experience sensory overloads is of our utmost concern.
  • Safety – we promote safety that still encourages a great degree of independence.

Sensory Gardens for Disabled Adults

Sensory gardens have proven to bring multiple benefits to disabled adults, too. Regardless of the type of injury they suffered, this kind of environment can help them improve their general wellbeing by providing some of the following advantages:

Adequate sensory stimulation 

Given that disabled adults often have decreased use of some of their senses, sensory gardens can offer proper sensory stimulation through exposure to nature and sunlight. This can, in return, improve their sensation in affected limbs.

More physical activity and cognitive stimulation

Sensory gardens allow disabled people to indulge in outdoor activities by actively participating in gardening and simply moving outside. Regardless of whether they are suffering from acquired injuries, degenerative or mental diseases, they will soon experience improvement in physical wellbeing, muscle strength, and cardio-respiratory fitness.

The sense of belonging and personal accomplishment

Caring for living organisms such as edible plants can help them become interested in other activities, such as cooking and baking, and thus generate more happiness.

Possibilities for meditation and stress release

Therapeutic garden elements such as water sounds, chirping of insects, colourful and edible plants, and aromatic herbs can help soothe the spirit by promoting meditation, self-reflection, and decreasing overall stress levels.

Increasing mental clarity and decreasing tiredness

Spending a lot of time in the fresh air will reinvigorate persons with disabilities, and they will feel better both mentally and physically.

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